Economic Crime and Mutual Legal Assistance

The purpose of criminal law is to punish any person whose behavior is detrimental to the interests of an individual or the community. Such behavior, deemed inappropriate by society, is often punishable by a penalty ranging from a fine to deprivation of liberty or a pecuniary penalty.

This area of the law has now developed to the point where the behaviors punished are not only to be found in the Criminal Code, but also in a multitude of special federal laws dealing with specific areas such as money laundering, banking, financial markets, social insurance and so on.

Our law firm offers legal support and defends its clients against the commission of a crime, misdemeanor or contravention, whether they are victims or perpetrators.

More specifically, our staff are experienced in dealing with offences with an economic connotation, which take many forms: unfair management, fraudulent large-scale financial arrangements, money laundering, insider trading, swindling, violation of essential financial market standards, and so on.

These types of offences often transcend national borders and therefore have an international dimension. Swiss and foreign prosecuting authorities frequently cooperate, which raises the question of international mutual assistance in criminal matters and extradition.

In such cases, our staff will assist you in the often lengthy and complex procedures conducted in Switzerland by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office or cantonal public prosecutors.

Our teams also work in the field of common criminal law. Members of the firm also act as court-appointed counsel in the defense of accused persons.

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