Family Law

Family law, much like our society, undergoes constant evolution. In order to stay abreast of the latest developments in legislation, case law, and societal changes, today’s legal professionals must specialize in this dynamic field.

According to recent statistics, Geneva is approaching a milestone where the number of divorces will soon equal half the number of marriages. This underscores the prevalence of family separations and the critical need for prompt legal guidance, ideally even before a de facto separation occurs. Early advice is crucial to comprehensively explore amicable solutions, including couple or family therapies, mediation, or negotiations facilitated by legal representatives. The objective is to reach a comprehensive agreement, whether through judicial or alternative means.

Our firm prioritizes rational solutions that serve the interests of all family members while minimizing the impact on the financial stability of the family unit, already compromised by the separation.

We oversee the entire preliminary phase leading to formal agreements between the parties. This encompasses initiating protective measures for the marital union if consensus proves elusive. In urgent cases, such as those involving violence or the risk of abduction, we also handle provisional or super-provisional measures.

Our specialization extends to divorce proceedings, whether in the context of amicable settlements or disputes over alimony, custody, visitation rights, matrimonial property liquidation, and pension asset division. We are also adept at modifying or revising divorce decrees.

The firm is actively engaged in matters related to the modification or liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, which may necessitate legal counsel prior to notarized signings, even within the context of marriage.

Child protection is a significant facet of our practice, involving visitation rights, representation in proceedings as curators appointed ex officio or nominated by the child or their parents, adoption, foster care, and paternity actions, as well as disavowal actions. Additionally, we handle requests for name changes.

Our clientele includes men, women, minors, and young adults residing in Geneva and the canton of Vaud. We also extend our assistance to parties embroiled in family disputes abroad that have implications in Switzerland, particularly in cases involving assets subject to matrimonial property liquidation or occupational pension schemes.

Lastly, we provide counsel on wealth and estate planning. As reiterated, our approach places a premium on amicable dispute resolution. We are committed to attentively addressing your unique needs, recognizing that each case, despite the prevalence of separations, is distinct and requires tailored attention.

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